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League Table

Get All Tables for a League Season

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You can test this API call by using the key "example" and loading the league tables from the English Premier League 2018/2019 season (ID: 1625).
If the league only has a single round with no play-off matches (ie Premier League), the League Table is stored here.
Returns NULL if the league is a Cup format.
Full table across all matches played during the season. For example, if this is a cup competition, then we will generate a table with all teams across all the matches that they've played. This is not necessarily the league table.
all_matches_table_home / all_matches_table_away
Full table only taking into account either Home matches or Away matches.
Array. Contains tables for each round of a season. Many leagues in the world have multiple rounds with league tables during 1 season.
ie Uruguay Primera Division
Apertura - Table
Intermediate Round - Group Tables
Clausura - Table
Final Play-Offs - NULL (no table)
ie Championship Regular Season - Table
Play-Offs - NULL (no table)
ie UEFA Champions League
Qualification Matches - NULL (no table)
Group Round - Table for each group
8th Finals - NULL (no table)
Quarter Finals - NULL (no table)